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Susannah Purtell, is a a MBACP, senior credit counsellor. She qualified over 20 years ago, and She works mainly with EAPs, one or two private clients and she is a retired tutor of counselling.

She works mainly with firms who provide counselling for their employees, and we often get six sessions or less with a client. The sort of clients she gets are people who have either asked for help at work, or maybe during appraisal, or a colleague has noticed a difference in them and suggested they seek some help. We can look at what is bringing them, we can often identify other therapy issues that may need further or long-term therapy, which isn't dealt with in that context. But I deal with all sorts of things. I don't see children and rarely see adolescents, they are mainly adult clients.

She provides a supportive atmosphere that they can talk to me about what they feel they are coping with at the time, and I don't give advice, She sometimes give information, but it's to the client... It's up to the client to find their own way through this with my help. She can sometimes suggest coping strategies, or best of all, we can work on them together. Sometimes we might have a written plan about what they can set out to do or some small, achievable, measurable goals.