Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 (VTQ)

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Early signs and symptoms of mental ill health

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Mental ill health problems are more prevalent. What are the signs that people should be looking out for?

I think it is anything out of the ordinary. Someone might seem to have changed if you have known them for a while. They might be doing their job differently, they might not want to come out with you for a drink, that sort of thing. They might seem withdrawn. Alternatively, they might seem really over the top with things, it is just a noticing that they are different from what they normally are. If they are coping with an addiction of some sort, you might notice them drinking more, you might notice them eating more, or less depending on how they cope with stress. I think if you know the person quite well, it is easy to see that they are not themselves and they are living life in a bit of a different way.

At work, they might be late in arriving, they might be not concentrating, they might be making mistakes, that normally they would not make, or if it is a friend, you might notice that they do not want to see you as much as normally or they maybe are on the point of, divulging something and then they pull back that sort of thing. If it is a family member that you know quite well, I think it is easy to see the difference. People you don't know quite so well, you might take a little bit longer, but you come to the realization that something is not right and if it is yourself, you know, you know that things are different and that is a pointer to start asking for help.