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Is it OK to cry?

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Crying in the '60s, '70s would be considered a point of weakness. Today? No. If you cry, cry. It is not a girl thing, as they say, it is not an unmanly thing to say. Cry. Get rid of the pain, get rid of the stress, get rid of the hurt. Talk about it. If you have got to go out and walk around the block and sob your heart out, then go and sob your heart out. But be aware that if you see somebody going out that they are that upset, give them the space to get rid of it and then go and check, "You are okay now? What got you to that point? Do you wanna talk? Come on, let us go and have a fag if need be, or a cup of coffee," or whatever it is that you have got to get to that point where that person wants to talk to you. They might say, "No, I am perfectly alright now. I've had some bad news. There was just some bad news," and that is what they've got to offload with, then so be it. Very often just sit down. Just, again, empathy. Not sympathy, empathy.