Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 (VTQ)

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It is vital to consider what reasonable adjustments you can implement after an employee discloses an issue and these adjustments may include allowing for reasonable appointment times moving forward. Being able to offer support can be a building block for further disclosure and discussion in the future. Trust is a very big element of being supportive and understanding, and knowing your own limitations in regards to what supports the employee has approved is absolutely vital. Having knowledge of support groups and being able to signpost a colleague to appropriate ones for their potential requirements is also important, although always remember that you should never offer a diagnosis yourself. Other ways employers can provide support is to establish activities, groups, and options for healthy foods and drink choices. There should be structures in place to allow for time away from desks, in short promoting a transparent and open working environment where it's okay to say, "I have a mental health illness." And it's okay to talk about it.