Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 (VTQ)

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Recognising changes in an employee

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Recognising and Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Identifying Signs of Stress and Mental Ill Health

Recognising signs of stress or mental ill health in employees is crucial:

  • Signs may vary between individuals and types of mental health issues.
  • Changes in mood, interaction with colleagues, decision-making ability, workload management, and focus are key indicators.
  • Other signs include excessive tiredness, reduced interest in work, increased absenteeism, changes in appetite, and heightened smoking or drinking.
  • Work-related factors like long hours, lack of breaks, unrealistic expectations, and poor managerial support can contribute.

Early intervention and support can mitigate these issues.

Creating a Supportive Workplace Environment

A healthy, open, and non-discriminatory environment benefits both employees and employers:

  • Employees should feel comfortable discussing stress or mental health concerns with managers.
  • Fear of discrimination or career implications often prevents employees from seeking help.
  • Managers and employers should strive to improve mental health awareness and support.

It's essential to foster a culture where mental health is prioritised and stigma is reduced.

Business Impact of Mental Health Issues

High levels of stress can impact business performance:

  • Reduced commitment, performance, attendance, and productivity are common outcomes.
  • Employers need systems to assess, manage, and monitor stress effectively.
  • Mental health awareness training for employees and management can promote a positive workplace culture.

Addressing mental health proactively benefits both the organisation and its employees.