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Resilience - professionals discussion

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Can you tell me about what resilience means and how it's developed?

Resilience is developing the ability to cope with what you need to cope with. It's a really important part of recovery. People develop it at different rates and use different strategies for it. It means that you will be able to cope not only with what you have now, but also in the future with other issues, or maybe if your original one returns, you will know what you needed to do to recover and use those skills again to get back to where you were.

So would somebody who naturally cannot cope with a lot of different situations without any difficulty be deemed to have a lot of resilience?

They might, they might not recognize that they have it. And it's something that can be developed, I don't think it's an innate quality that is either there or not. I think it's part of many people's recovery from mental ill health to develop that feeling that okay, I've coped with this. What did I use to cope with it? What can I use again? And they can transfer that to all sorts of different situations. And that gives them the confidence that they can cope, which in itself is a development of resilience and recovery.