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Supporting someone back to work - Councillor ideas

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How would you support someone coming back to work after they have had mental health issues?

I think it is really important to find out from them what they feel they need to have in place. You can talk to them about what they feel they need, and then think about what you can offer. Often it is phase return hours or days altered, it might be supporting them in the workplace from someone designated to do that. It might be regular contact with a line manager or the HR department. Generally speaking, the person may need time off for hospital or doctor appointments or even therapy. But it is really important just to get a general feel of what is helpful to them.

So it is very important for him to be involved in the process as well as making decisions about the process as well?

Yes, of course.

And can you tell us a little bit more about things that employees can do to make it easier, the process of coming back to work?

I think if they have had time to think about it, they will have a good idea what they feel they need, and it has to be practical, it has to work for both employer and employee. Sometimes it might be easy to start work later if they are not at their very best first thing in the morning, and maybe work later at night. A good thing to do sometimes is to arrange to work from home for part of your week. That can be helpful. The employer might offer a different day or may be working in a different office or with different people. Generally, whatever is felt to be helpful, rehab hours are usually a good idea in a phased return, so you don't return to the situation that maybe put you off in the first place. Time needs to be allowed for appointments, for doctors, or hospital appointments, or maybe therapy appointments, and maybe regular contact with the HR or line manager to just see how the employer can manage the situation and the employees benefiting from that.