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Where is the best location to start a conversation

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Best Practices for Confidential Conversations in the Workplace

Optimal Locations for Confidential Conversations

Choosing the right setting:

When initiating a conversation, it's crucial to select a suitable environment:

  • Plan ahead and find a quiet, private room away from distractions.
  • Avoid areas with CCTV coverage to ensure privacy.
  • Ensure there are no interruptions such as phone calls or knocks on the door.
  • If in an open plan office, have a legitimate reason to see them to avoid speculation.
  • Make the person feel comfortable and reassured about confidentiality.

Places to Avoid for Confidential Conversations

Locations to steer clear of:

  • Open plan offices where conversations can be overheard by colleagues.
  • Corridors or hallways with passing traffic.
  • Outdoor areas where sound carries and privacy is compromised.
  • Anywhere the person may feel uneasy or worried about confidentiality.