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When people phone up, people think that we can always help them and sometimes we can't. There are some times when we just can't help the person, but that's where the conversation goes. All I can reflect is on if suicide if somebody phones up and they are adamant that they are gonna end their life, at Samaritans we won't stop you. We won't support you to do it and we won't stop you from doing it. We'll ask you why, what's got you to the point. We'll help you to try and find a good point. We'll help you to try and find your way back. But if that's what you've decided to do, then we will stay with you if need be until as far as life's... We're concerned, either on the telephone, that life's ended. So you can't always support and get it right every time. There are some issues that you can't get right. You can't cure everything. If we could cure everything, then we probably won't be in the mess that we're in today.