Mental Health in the Workplace Level 3 (VTQ)

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Initiating a conversation

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You may come across sometimes colleagues in the workplace or in the family or in the street who you think may have a problem. All you can do is go and talk to that person. Look them in the face, ask them, "Can I help? Have you got something that you want to talk about?" Provide them with a safe space. Don't push them. Give them the space to come back to you with whatever it is they want to talk about and prove that you've understood by, if need be, repeating it back. "So you're telling me, then, that you're really worried about this. Is what you're saying about this?" Use silence if need be. Once the person has got your confidence and he trusts you, then they will open up. And if the problem's too big for you, then suggest that they seek help from either their GP, NHS, or even just ring the Samaritans. It will cost them nothing. It will only take a couple of minutes of their life and it might just provide the answer