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Ways to contact the samaritans

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Face-to-face can be arranged at some branches. Not all branches will do face-to-face, but a lot of the branches will. Just turn up, knock on the door, and if there is a face-to-face person in they will sit you down and they will listen to you and talk to you face-to-face. Some people choose to contact Samaritans with text or email. The trouble, again, with that it is not always instantaneous reply, depends on which branch it has gone to. You see, what you have got to understand is the systems that we work, with it being a free phone or a free text or a free email system, it does not always go to the one branch. So such as the person will send the email in and say, branch A opens it. They will look at that email, that text, they will formulate a reply, they will send it back.

Again, we don't know who that person is, we don't know where they are. They get that email, then they answer, they put their reply and send it back. Well, it could be that that line's blocked, that email address is blocked. So it would go to another branch. Or it could be that there is nobody on that. So there is always a time delay with email and SMS. But we are moving, hopefully coming in early next year, like a WhatsApp instant messaging system, which would be along the lines of a telephone call. When the message comes in, it is picked up, it is answered, so you are engaging there and then straight away, but that is not quite there at this present moment in time.