Mental Health in the Workplace Level 3 (VTQ)

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What causes stress

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There are many causes of stress, such things as the pressure at work, peer pressure, financial or social pressure, conflict, frustration and insecurity. Threats, fear or bullying are known causes of stress. And in some cases moving home, changing job, health issues or a loss of someone close can also increase the likelihood of stress. Workplace stress can be a result of working long hours, a lack of training and feedback and poor communication in general. Employees may feel that it's a lack of opportunity, or they experience poor relationships with colleagues or even workplace bullying. Workplace stresses also include how an employee feels about their work. This may be related to the amount of control they feel they have over how they organize and do their work. Or they may be stressed because they do not fully understand their role within the organization and what their responsibilities are. Not communicating information about changes in the workplace, particularly when those changes may impact directly on an employee is likely to increase the likelihood of stress.