Mental health training

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This Mental Health in the Workplace course is designed to help provide employees, managers, and employers with an understanding of mental health issues that can occur in the workplace. It covers a range of subjects that will help individuals to recognize and know what to do with when a colleague or an employee is experiencing mental ill-health. Many people will at some time or another experience stress or anxiety in the workplace. And when they do, it's important for them to know they will receive the support that they need.

During the course, you will gain an understanding of the differences between mental health and mental ill-health and you will learn about the different types of mental ill-health which will help you identify if your colleagues, family members or friends may be experiencing issues. It will also help you to identify these potential issues in your own life. The course will provide information about where to go for help and show that by understanding mental health, it is possible to work together to create an environment that eliminates negativity, isolation and discrimination and provides an inclusive, non-judgemental and supportive environment with clear workplace policies that promote the well-being of employees so that no one is afraid to turn to their manager or colleague for support and where they know that asking for help will not be perceived as a weakness. Signposting information is provided at the end of some of the videos and there's also a separate video with more information about where you can direct people for further help and guidance.