What is signposting

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Signposting is when you can direct someone into the best source of help. It can be someone like their GP, which should probably always be their first port of call so that their GP is aware of what they are coping with. It might be to an HR department in a firm, or it might be Internet research about local resources, and it might be the government's health and mind scheme. It's anywhere that can provide help and support for that person, at that time. They may want you to do it, or they may want to do it themselves. It's usually quite a good idea to get someone to do some of the work themselves because it helps them accept the need for help, and look forward to having that health as well. It's a much more helpful way of doing it than you doing everything, and presenting them with a sheet of paper, "This is what you need to do." Work on it together, so that that person really feels part of the recovery.

So, it's very important for them to feel involved in the process, whenever possible.

It is indeed, yeah, it is indeed. So, first, step the GP, and then maybe counselling. You can find help for that on the Internet, or a recommendation from a friend may help, or you could, I suppose if you wanted to do a lot of the research yourself, you could go into each individual entry on the Internet, and see what's on offer. But you may need help to decide the specifics of what you are looking for, rather than general help. It depends, I suppose, on whether you are going to commit time, money, everything to it, to get the support that you feel you need to carry you forward. The dangers of the Internet are wrong information, unhelpful stuff, and frightening yourself. Matching your symptoms to what you can read there and finding a really scary conclusion, inaccurate information, blogs that don't exactly match what you're going through. And I suppose not having the judgment, because you are not quite yourself in that time, of recognising what you should be reading and what you shouldn't be reading.